Why You Should Strike a Power Pose

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"Sit up straight!" your mom scolded, and you listened, but didn't really see the point. 'Why should I sit up straight?' you'd silently ask your preteen self.

What if I told you that mom was right, but not for the reasons you'd expect? Plain and simple, sitting up straight gets you what you want. And it all starts with a power pose. Honing your best posture is the starting point, priming yourself for confidence. Power posing gives you a statistically better chance at being more compelling in any conversation, in-person or over-the-phone, in personal or professional relationships, and eventually gets you closer to the influence that you desire. 

Amy Cuddy, author of Presence, and 2nd most viewed TED Talk in the site's history, explains the very simple way to be your best self here:

If you don't have time to watch the video, you can read on, we have a special cheat sheet just-for-you!

Your guide to the basics of power posing


Power Pose: A power pose is an expansive posture that signals dominance, competence and strength.

How to do a power pose: Common poses include sitting up straight with your hands on your hips and feet wide apart, reclining in a chair with your feet up and hands behind our head, essentially any open, empowering pose will do. Hold the pose for at least two minutes.

When to do a power pose: Within an hour of an important meeting or event, in PRIVATE. If you don't have privacy, you can get a similar confidence boost by imagining yourself in the power pose for 2 minutes. A study of disabled people showed that brain activity was similar when imagining the pose; the mind is a powerful thing!

Result of a power pose: Aside from the obvious, a sense of quiet, calm, internal power, and the respect and trust that comes with that. You'll have more successful presentations, work up the confidence to ask that attractive single out, or tackle your first triathalon. Whatever your goal, a power pose of your choice can help you fake it until you become it.

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