Here Are All the Reasons You Need to Call an Old Friend or Relative You Haven't Talked to in a While

Call Up Past
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It's the middle of the day. You're at work, doing nothing in particular, and suddenly you think about a person you haven't spoken to in years. We all know the feeling, and we've all thought about how great it would be to reach out to that blast from the past. But most of us can't bring ourselves to pick up the phone, out of a fear of awkwardness. You should shake that feeling right now. Here are 7 reasons to call up that person you've been thinking of.

1. Connections to your past are important

Reminiscing about your past will help you understand how much you've grown as a person. It's also just fun. Having someone from your past to talk to will let you analyze past moments in your life and understand yourself deeper.

2. It's great way to gain perspective

Throughout our lives we come across many crossroads. Catching up with someone from your past will help you gain perspective about what you could have been had you selected different paths at different stages in life. Hearing about what this person has done will give you a glimpse into the life you might have had and will make you value your decisions more.

3. You may gain your friend back

Who doesn't love having more friends? If all goes well, you just might have a new (and old) friendship.

4. You may realize you have good judgement

When you reach out to someone you deliberately ended contact with, the worst case scenario is that you understand more in depth why you ended the relationship. While it's awesome to reach out and reconnect, don't feel bad if the results aren't what you wanted. You still tried, and you confirmed that your judgement about that person in the past were correct.

5. You'll get a new ear to talk off

A solid group of friends is the perfect support system, but they've already heard all your stories and all your problems hundreds of times. Calling up a blast from the past will give you ample opportunity to tell them all about your life, and to get feedback that could be completely different to the feedback you get from your regular circle of friends.

6. You can make even more new friends

If calling up your old friend goes well and your friendship is rekindled, you may be invited to new places. These new places could lead to making new friends, both friends of your friend and complete strangers. Embrace the possibilities. 

7. You'll get closure

"What if" questions can plague your mind and lead to unneeded anxiety. Instead of feeling guilty about not reaching out or leaving a friendship on bad terms, be proactive in getting closure. You won't want to hear about something happening to this person and kick yourself for not reconnecting sooner.

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