Why Gay Guys Will Always Say "YASSS Kween" To NeNe

Why Gay Guys Will Always Say "YASSS Kween" To NeNe
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You know who loves NeNe more than anyone? GAY GUYS!

Between her sass and unapologetic attitude, NeNe has become somewhat of a gay icon. It's hard to explain why exactly. Perhaps these fierce NeNe moments may shed some light:

She's great and she knows it:

She's got no time for jealous bitches. PUH-LEASE HUNNI!

She ain't afraid to cut out bad blood:

Gays and NeNe unite to block the basic byotches.

She dishes out raw honesty:

Being gay in a heteronormative world is difficult. Keeping it real is just about the bravest thing you can do.

When it gets too hot, you need some shade...

...and NeNe will always have you covered.

When it's her party, she knows what she wants:

And she's not afraid to say it!

She likes to get fancy!

And she always keeps it classy/klassie!

She was on Broadway...

...and SLAYED her performances in both "Cinderella" and "Chicago."

She went on "Lip Sync Battle" and sang a RuPaul song:

I don't think you can get any more fabulous than that!

She talks about what MATTERS:

Let's talk about sex, NeNe!

And finally, she's a brave bitch:

There a lot of haters in the world. NeNe refuses to let any of those losers bring her down.

Keep on slaying NeNe, and the gays will keep screaming, "YASSSS KWEEN NENE!!!!"

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