Women are Dropping Cash for Plastic Surgery to Keep Up With the Kardashians

Women are Dropping Cash for Plastic Surgery to Keep Up With the Kardashians

Turns out there are a lot of women literally Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A recent feature in The Hollywood Reporter goes deep into how millennials are dropping thousands of dollars to look like various members of the infamous family.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that women aged 20- to 29-years-old has seen a 40% surge in treatments like Juvederm fillers or Botox. And it’s not just confined to the United States! Across the pond at Transform, a British cosmetic surgery practice, reported that after Kylie Jenner came clean about using lip fillers, they saw “a 700% rise in web inquiries overnight.”

They also report a 73% increase of patients coming in citing the Kardashian family as inspiration, seeing a 50% increase request for butt enhancements as just one example. And we know that is happening here in America! Marlene Chinea, a 36-year-old nurse, spent $10,000 to model her butt specifically after Kim Kardashian’s. “No matter how much exercise I did, I'd never get the results I wanted. I modeled my butt on Kim Kardashian. Kim is simply beautiful and anything she wears looks fabulous on her,” she told the Daily Mail

Marlene Chinea/Caters News, KimKardashian/Instagram

And that’s not even the most extreme example! 25-year-old Jordan James Parke come out and admit they have spent a HUGE amount of money to look just like the Dash dolls. In his case, he spent over £130,000 and got over 50 surgical procedures to look more like his muses.

So, young people are seeking surgeries in numbers never seen before. Some experts believe it is because of how plugged into social media teens and 20-somethings are. The Hollywood Reporter points out that even those millennials who aren’t going under the knife are still being marketed products that promise to plump and fight wrinkles by companies who used to focus their marketing on older crowds. The big question for us is how to feel about it! On the one hand, do whatever makes you happiest and if that is changing your body, get it girl! On the other, we hope girls aren’t dropping thousands of dollars JUST to look like the Kardashians! If that is the case, just get Kylie’s cosmetics line!

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