Your Best Friend Just Might Be Your Soul Mate

Your Best Friend Just Might Be Your Soul Mate

My best friend and I don’t call each other best friends. After more than a decade of knowing each other, obsessing over the same bands and movies, and having conversations about everything under the sun, I think we’ve transcended friendship. We call each other our twin soul, especially after we say the exact thing and the same time or form the same opinion about something without even consulting each other first. My best friend isn’t just a person I’m close to, she’s a person I know I’ll be close to until my dying day. Here are some reasons why your best friend might be your soul mate, too.

Your best friend complements you

While my twin soul and I feel the same way about a lot of the same things, we also have completely different personalities and even styles. She’s a more reserved and sensible person who works with computers and has a minimalist fashion sense. I, on the other hand, am a loud and a bit dramatic creative who can’t live without prints and colors. Like many dynamic duos throughout history, our differences make us stronger when we’re together.

There is unwavering trust between you

I’ve had quite a few friendships in which I didn’t really know where I stood with the other person, or if I could even fully trust them. These types of friendships rarely get better over time, and are far more likely to fall to the wayside or end in tears. I’m now lucky enough to trust my twin soul completely, and it has never even crossed my mind that she might tell someone secrets. There is no negative energy between us, only trust.

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You are always on the same page

One of the purest ways friendship manifests itself is when your friend says something and your response is “I was thinking the same thing!” A soul mate is an extension of yourself, someone who understands you just as much as you do. Even if we don't agree on certain things, my twin soul will certainly know how and why I feel differently from her.

You talk to her constantly

Facebook Messenger is my most used app because it’s the easiest way to communicate with my twin soul at all hours of the day. We live about an hour apart, but rarely go a day without having an hour-long conversation. We message each other pictures of vanity plates we think are funny, links to interesting news stories, bits of gossip we hear throughout the day, and more. The best part about being in constant contact with her is that I can tell her about anything stressful currently happening and immediately feel better.

You know other relationships could never come between you

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Even though my twin soul will soon move 3,000 miles away to be with her boyfriend, I know we will continue to be as close as we’ve always been. Our friendship is grounded, unaffected by the ups and downs of any other relationships in our life. I have had many people come in and out of my life, but my twin soul has always been the person I talk to about these other people. Your soul mate will not feel threatened by other relationships in your life, but will celebrate them with you and want to be friends with these people too!

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