Your Weekly Horoscope: Don't Be A Hot Head This Week!!!

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Astral & Opal Weekly Horoscope - Week Aug 22 - 28


Time to hop back on the wellness wagon, Aries! This Monday morning the sun blazes into Virgo, lighting up your 6th House of health and daily routine. After the indulgence of Leo season it’s time to start waking up earlier, drinking more water, and get proper exercise. You don’t need to completely overhaul your life—Virgo isn’t that radical—but start treating your body like the temple it is and soon enough you’ll feel like the Green God or Goddess that you are.

On Wednesday Mars and Saturn meet up in your 9th House of cultural expansion and higher learning; some of your beliefs might come up for inspection or you might find yourself clashing with another over who knows best. Between the strong-headed Martian energy and Saturn’s desire for structure there could be some definite fireworks—and not the good kind—so keep your head down and remember to breathe before responding to someone’s ignorant comment.

            This weekend bountiful Jupiter and pleasure-loving Venus meet up in the last few degrees of Virgo, encouraging you to merge fun and beauty with your regular routine; how about taking that jog off the treadmill and instead find a beautiful park that will please your senses while still working up a sweat? Save the gym selfies for another day (or never, preferably).


Spotlight, please! Get ready for your close up, Taurus, because this Monday morning the sun moves into Virgo and your 5th House of love, creativity, and self-expression. Even though most people are concerning themselves with returning to school or prepping for a more efficient autumn, you’re not ready to let go of summer’s fun just yet. For the next four weeks you’ve got cosmic clearance to occupy center stage, so whether you’re on the lookout for one last summer fling or want to flex your creative muscles a bit, now is the time to give expression to all your desires!

On Wednesday things might get a little too close for comfort when structured Saturn and hot-headed Mars meet up in your 8th House of sex and intimacy. Trying to find a balance between giving too much of yourself and keeping some secrets of your own might prove difficult. Since they are both currently in truth-telling Sagittarius, be careful about letting too much slip to the wrong person—a little circumspection never hurt anyone.

            This weekend your love life gets an extra bump thanks to buoyant Jupiter and loving Venus connecting in Virgo and your romance sector. This is essentially your best weekend for love in all of 2016, so if you’re single get out and about and watch with wondrous eyes as the universe brings you one joyous opportunity after another!


They say home is where the heart is, Gemini, and that’s a good thing to keep in mind for the next four weeks because this Monday the sun moves into Virgo and your 4th House of home and family. Take this time to nest and do chores around the house; are there any repairs that need to be made before the weather starts to change? This same sector also rules the women in our lives, so for the next four weeks be on the lookout for some mystical mamas that might appear in your life—there’s probably a reason for it!

On Wednesday take stock of the relationships in your life when hot-headed Mars and structured Saturn meet up in the same degree of Sagittarius in your 7th House of contracts and one-on-one relationships. If a relationship has progressed faster than you realized it might be time to take a moment and have a discussion about where things are headed; since Saturn craves clarity and understanding there’s a good chance this conversation will produce positive results—just don’t let quick-tempered Mars carry you away with laying down the law.

This weekend will probably find some wonderful energy surrounding your home life when happy-go-lucky Jupiter connects with pleasure-loving Venus in Virgo; invite your girlfriends over for a night of cocktails and Netflix, or indulge in a gorgeous new piece of furniture for Chez Gemini; go on, you’ve earned it!


 Summer’s winding down, but your life is about to get quite a bit busier, Cancer. On Monday morning the sun zooms into Virgo and your 3rd House of local communities, communications, and general “busyness”. For the next four weeks you’ll need to make sure to plan as much as you can because people are going to want you to be here, there, and everywhere in between. This is also a terrific time to work on any sort of writing project, so if there’s a novel or screenplay bouncing around in the back of your mind then get to it!

On Wednesday your health might be brought into sharp focus when reckless Mars conjuncts disciplinarian Saturn in your 6th House of health and wellness. Be sure to take extra care of yourself this week and don’t do any unnecessary lifting or over exert yourself; your sign can tend to be rather fragile so take things easy and one step at a time. Likewise, there might be some stress at the office, so if you can avoid the drama then by all means do.

Over the weekend Venus will conjunct Jupiter in Virgo, probably resulting in some fun events going on in your local neighborhood. Get out and see what’s happening because this is one of the luckiest weekends of the year; whether you end up at a local art gallery or bar hopping with your besties, you're sure to stumble across something magical.


Time to get to work, Leo! This Monday the sun slips into Virgo and your 2nd House of earned income and tangible possessions. You’ve had the last month to indulge in yourself and revamp your style, but now it’s time to get back down to the nitty gritty of life and take care of the details. This cycle is excellent for finding ways to earn more money or to invest in some really terrific pieces that will last you for years to come (think tailored jackets or classic leather bags) so choose quality over quantity and it’s sure to come your way.

On Wednesday fiery Mars and structured Saturn meet up in your 5th House of romance and creativity. Perhaps you’ve been pursuing a new love interest only to have the kibosh put on it unexpectedly when you realize that this new person isn’t everything you thought. On the flipside a so-so romance might evolve into something more when you get a clearer image of that person’s potential; whatever you do don’t rush into anything too quickly. Mars can make us act rashly, but Saturn is here to remind us to take our time and do the groundwork first.

Over the weekend you might find yourself scoring a major item that’s been on your shopping list for sometime. Jupiter and Venus will meet up in the same degree of Virgo, and bring a once-a-year boon to your 2nd House sector, so a little indulgence won’t kill you. Is that Chanel purse calling your name?


Time to wake up, Virgo! On Monday morning the sun zips into Virgo and your 1st House of self expression and presentation, illuminating you from within with all its life-affirming energy. For the next four weeks you are the universe’s favorite, so don’t be afraid to step out of your shell and really go for what you want; now is the time to set goals for the next twelve months, so make a plan about what you want to achieve then get to manifesting!

This Wednesday might see some tension at home or perhaps a strained energy with a female in your life; this is thanks to quick-tempered Mars meeting up with pedantic Saturn in your 4th House of home, family, and females. You might feel like one moment your emotions are out of control, and the next you might feel cold as ice; try to find a balance between these two very different energies and if you keep that equilibrium you’ll keep your sanity.

Over the weekend Jupiter and Venus are aligning in the same degree of Virgo to bring you one of the loveliest and luckiest weekends in all of 2016. Whatever you do don’t stay cooped up at home; get out and whether by yourself or with your friends you are sure to have a time you won’t soon forget! You only get an alignment like this in your sign every twelve years, so don’t waste it!


            Hit the snooze button, Libra. On Monday the sun slips into Virgo and your 12th House of the subconscious and spiritual detoxing. For the next four weeks you’ll feel more reclusive than usual and that is totally fine; you need this time alone to focus on yourself and rid yourself of any unwanted energy or feelings that have built up over the past year. It’s important to focus on this because when the sun blasts into Libra in four weeks time you’ll want to be at your best, and not bogged down with any emotional hang-ups you wish you’d left behind.

On Wednesday be extra careful about how you express yourself. Hot-headed Mars and stern Saturn will be meeting up in the same degree in your 3rd House of communications; what might seem like a funny or irreverent remark to you might rub someone else the wrong way and cause more damage than intended. If you find yourself in the midst of a serious conversation remember the breath before saying anything; Mars can make you especially rash and that’s the opposite of Saturn energy, so try to find a perfect balance—if anyone can do that, it’s you, Libra.

This weekend you might find yourself feeling especially creative when Jupiter and Venus meet up in the same degree in your 12th House, making your dreams especially vivid and your connection to the universe at large especially poignant. Keep your eyes peeled for signs from the universe—if something seems to be grabbing you attention then it probably is for a reason!


Summer is winding down but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying yourself, Scorpio. If anything you’ve been working harder than most lately and it’s your turn to take a load off and see the world for the hilarious wonder that it is. On Monday the sun moves into Virgo and your 11th House of friendships, social groups, and humanitarian efforts. Spend the net four weeks thinking less about “me” and more about “we”; you can get so caught up in building up your status that sometimes you forget that the most fun is to be had with likeminded individuals who just want what’s best for you.

On Wednesday you might feel some financial friction when rash Mars meets up with stern Saturn in your 2nd House of earned income and tangible possessions. If you’ve been a little too free with your finances lately then you might feel the squeeze extra this week; if a too-good-to-be-true deal comes your way, then chances are that’s exactly what it is.

Over the weekend Jupiter and Venus will align in the same degree of Virgo, lighting up your 11th House with extra special energy. Make sure to link up with some of your favorite people and you’re sure to have a weekend of memories you’ll treasure forever. On the flipside consider spending sometime volunteering; racking up the good karma is always a good idea!


            Who’s ready to achieve? You are! This week the sun blazes into Virgo and your 10th House of career ambition and professional goals, encouraging you to boost yourself up the work ladder. For the next four weeks don’t be afraid to burn the midnight oil when it comes to getting things done because now more than ever all that hard work will pay off. During this transit VIPs are sure to notice your abilities and give you your just rewards, so make like Rihanna and work!

On Wednesday you might find yourself unsure exactly what direction to follow, and that’s because fiery Mars and ice-cold Saturn will be meeting up in the same degree of your sign, leaving you bouncing back and forth between hot and cold the whole day. If you feel completely out of sorts that’s totally fine, just remember to breathe and don’t let your temper run away with you—Saturn will see that there will be repercussions to that!

Over the weekend you might find yourself coming across an extra opportunity to earn recognition when Venus and Jupiter meet up in the same degree of Virgo. Get new headshots taken, post some fabulous pics to your Instagram, and don’t be afraid to sing your accomplishments from the hilltops because someone is sure to take notice, someone who can actually make your dreams come true!


How big is your world, Capricorn? Not big enough, that’s for sure! This Monday the sun zooms into Virgo and your 9th House of higher education and foreign cultures. For the next four weeks focus on busting down your mental boundaries and exploring the unknown; anything that is new information to you will be especially interesting right now, so if there’s something you’d like to know more about it only takes one Wikipedia search to ignite a lifelong passion in one subject or another.

On Wednesday Mars and Saturn will align in your subdued and subconscious 12th House, which may leave you feeling spiritually out of sorts. One minute you’re hot, the next you’re cold as ice, and you have no idea why! That’s because these planets are complete opposites of one another, and with them being in your “hidden” zone, you won’t have much of an explanation as to why you feel the way that you do—you just know that you’re feeling something.

This weekend Jupiter and Venus will align in the same degree of Virgo, kicking up your wanderlust. If you can take a few days to get away from it all then by all means do. In fact, the further you can get from your usual routine the better off and happier you’ll be. Time to make sure your passport is up to date!


Let’s get intimate, Aquarius! This week the sun slips into Virgo and your steamy 8th House of sex and secrets. This area rules all the intensities of life, so if things start to feel like a soap opera you aren’t imagining it. Instead of letting it overwhelm you, why not dive in and meet the universe half way? Whether you spring for some sexy lingerie or begin learning tantric sex techniques, the universe will support you; if that doesn’t sound like your thing then a good old fashioned detective novel will probably scratch that itch for a bit of intrigue and drama.

On Wednesday you might find yourself butting heads with your friends, or perhaps unsure whether you want to hang out with anyone or just keep to yourself for a day or two. This is because fiery Mars and icy Saturn will align in the same degree of Sagittarius and your 11th House of social groups and global communication; one minute you’re going off about the way things ought to be, the next you’re getting attacked for stating your opinion. It can be a tough line to walk, but it’s all about balance—yes, there is one between the rashness of Mars and the structure of Saturn.

Over the weekend Jupiter and Venus will align in your 8th House in a once-a-year opportunity, so light some candles, slip into something a little more comfortable and invite you-know-who over for an evening of whatever your serving. Since the 8th House also rules joint finances and inheritance, you may just find yourself on the receiving end of a nice chunk of change. Cha-ching!        


This Monday the sun moves into Virgo and your 7th House of partnerships and contracts, urging you to make those “maybe’s” into something official. If you’re in a romantic relationship you might find yourself taking things to the next level, or perhaps a business relationship finally gets a seal-the-deal contract. If you can, try to do these things before August 30th when Mercury will turn retrograde for three weeks—that’s never an optimal time for putting anything in ink.

On Wednesday Saturn and Mars will meet up in your career sector, bringing your two steps forward, one step back. Mars wants you to just go for it and achieve whatever you can, but Saturn doesn’t work that way and needs structure and to go through every step before you can get your payoff. Try and find a middle ground between them; get excited about new ideas or projects but also treat them with an air of seriousness and understanding that you won’t manifest these goals overnight—Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Over the weekend you might find yourself spending some special time with either a lover or close friend when Venus and Jupiter, the two luckiest, happiest planets in the sky, link up in your 7th House of partnerships. Something might crystalize under this cosmic energy that brings joy to your life for years to come, so if there is an opportunity to power up and form a dream team, now is the time!

About the Contributor:

Patty Phillips is a California Bay Area-based astrologer. He began studying the fascinating secrets of the zodiac as a freshman at Sarah Lawrence College in the fall of 2009, alongside other such topics as Medieval Magic, Historical Espionage, and Royal Court Genealogy. This passion for the esoteric science of the planets & signs was spurred on after realizing that astrology went far beyond one’s sun sign and that there was in fact a roadmap to each person existing within the stars above us, and that many of our own questions could be answered by directing our gaze towards the heavens and interpreting what the planets meant for each individual.   Patty has interpreted hundreds of charts for friends and family, and after stints in the NYC-fashion industry and journalism, he decided to start his own business, Wanderlust Astrology, as a way to bring his specific and unusual knowledge to a larger audience. By doing so he hopes to demystify the ways of the zodiac in order to help people better understand and approach the various issues that life—and the planets—may bring their way. Patty is available for one-on-one consultations and private readings, each geared to help his clients best understand how to work with these ancient energies in modern times.

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