Here's One Way You Should Never Charge Your Phone

Here's One Way You Should Never Charge Your Phone

Smart phones are awesome, of course, we all know it. But keeping them charged is not. It seems like no matter how hard we try, there's always one day when out of the blue we're at five percent. 

Those new public charging stations seem like a great idea and an absolute lifesaver. Especially if you're the person who'll never charge your phone. Sure, you might have to stand outside in some kind of weird port, but who cares. You'll be able to check Facebook!

Unfortunately, it turns out that public charging stations are the only way you should never charge your phone. 

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It's not because of germs, potentially electrical hazards or general creepy dudes looking over your shoulder. It's because those ports can make you vulnerable to hacking. And if you've got a saucy pic or two on there, you know that's not a good thing.

Obviously, hacking gets way worse than passing out your tit pics, all your financial and personal information is accessible by phone and could lead to all kinds of financial problems.

Why would public stations be so easy to hack. Well, the charging chord isn't a one way street. It delivers power to your phone, but can also connect info from your device to other devices. Like, how you connect your phone to your computer to download pictures and stuff.

So, there's a thing called  “juice jacking," that has nothing to do with a three day cleanse, where hackers are able to use the video function on your phone to record everything you type in. They'll see your embarrassing sexts and potentially your credit card number, address, and who knows what else. The worst thing is there's no way to tell if a public outlet has been hacked or not, so you won't realize they're getting your info until it's too late. 

Luckily, there's an easy solution to this problem: Don't use public charging ports. Yeah, it sucks, but it's generally better to be a person who remembers to charge their phone and it will definitely keep your stuff safe. Or, if you always need extra juice, get a portable battery pack. Nowadays, they aren't too expensive or heavy and will be a lot more convenient than canceling a credit card a hacker set up in your name.

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