Kate McKinnon To Play Ms. Frizzle In 'The Magic School Bus' Reboot!

Kate McKinnon To Play Ms. Frizzle In 'The Magic School Bus' Reboot!
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‘90s nostalgia and the comedian of the moment are about to collide -- Netflix has just announced that SNL star Kate McKinnon will helm their reboot of The Magic School Bus!

The new series was originally going to be titled The Magic School Bus 360˚, but they’ve since rebranded to The Magic School Bus Rides Again. Which, frankly, is an improvement.

McKinnon will be charged with voicing the role of Ms. Frizzle, that crazy bus driver whose name, I assume, was derived from her radical red hair. The role was previously handled by Lily Tomlin for the original 50+ episode run in the mid-90s.


There’s not a ton of information to be had just yet. We know the show will air sometime in 2017, and that it’s been in development for a while, going all the way back to 2014. There’s rumored to be a slew of guest appearances by celebrities and old cast members. Stu Stone, who played Ralphie in the original, is on the record calling the project a “top-secret thing.”

But who cares if we don’t have a ton of info yet. Our Queen McKinnon is taking over as the Frizz, so listen to this theme song you haven’t heard in decades and be happy.


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