McDonald's Curly Fries Actually Exist But, There's One Little Problem...

McDonald's Curly Fries
@joyee_99 via Instagram

Stop everything, french fry lovers! This news will make you hungry. McDonald's has curly fries! 

But WAIT... they're only being offered in Singapore and the Philippines. 

It seems the fast-food giant has been holding out on us, according to a McDonald's Wikia page. Dubbed "Twister Fries," these golden, delicious, curly potatoes are available for one month during the Chinese New Year in Singapore. 

These tasty delights haven't hit the States, yet. But we just so happen to think that offering these bad boys around Christmas time might be a nice little treat. How 'bout it, McDonald's?

Until then, we'll just have to plan a getaway to sample these mouth-watering curly-Q's in Singapore. And while we're at it, we'll just eat our way through the rest of McDonald's International Menu, starting in Uruguay with a Pancake Helado.

McDonald's Pancake Helado

Topped with vanilla ice cream, this sugary dessert is made with dulce de leche filled pancakes! Yummmmmmm! 

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