This Candy Game Is More Addictive Than Sugar Itself

candy jam
Candy Jam

Are you seeking your next sugar rush? Then look no further, as the delicious Candy Jam puzzle game can be played right here!

Candy Jam is a challenging puzzle game where you will swap pieces of sweets on a game board to create a match of three or more of the same color and kind. The game, which is free to play on our site, will take fans through a journey of dozens of levels.

This is one of the most addictive games you will ever play. The delicious-looking shiny candies will make your mouth water and might even trick you into licking your screen! While earlier levels might get you hooked into believing that this is just another puzzle game, the increased difficulty of the later levels will make it feel like a giant challenge of jawbreaker proportions.

In order to succeed, you get a target in each level. The faster you accomplish the target, the more time you can carry over with you to the next level. But don’t let the ticking countdown put your sugar level out of balance. If you have what it takes to (figuratively) munch on hundreds of candies to solve this puzzle game, then put your skills to work and play Candy Jam for FREE above.

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