The "Boy Bye" Chatbot Will Respond To Creepy Guys On Your Behalf And It's Funny AF

The "Boy Bye" Chatbot Will Respond To Creepy Guys On Your Behalf And It's Funny AF
Boy Bye Bot

The only thing worse that creepy guys, is having to actually respond to creepy guys. And for some reason, no just never seems to fit their vocabulary.

 Thankfully, a new chat bot "Boy Bye Bot" is here to do all the rejecting, swerving, yelling- so you don't have to. As an added plus, the chat bot's responses to the guy that just doesn't get the quite entertaining.

Here's how it works:

Creepy guy approaches you at the bar. He offers to buy you a Long Island Iced Tea (Mistake no. 1) even though you already have your rum and coke (Mistake no. 2). When you politely decline, he happens to take your niceness as an invitation to sit next to you (Mistake no... let's stop counting now).

Now that he's comfortably sitting right next to you, the small talk begins. Before, this is the part where you give him your number just because you're desperate to walk away. But now, you don't have to. Give him the Boy Bye bot number (1-626-GOODBYE) and walk away. Heck, even take the free drink he offered you.

When he hits the number up later that night, he'll be flooded with texts that urge Planned Parenthood donations, end conversations, and expertly use current event references.

Some of the best responses are found on the bot's website.

So as you can see, by the end of the conversation they'll be regretting that they hit you up as a booty call, or in general.

The Boy Bot is a "fake number for real fuckbois," according to the website. It's a simple, new way to tell the boy...bye, without hurting his feelings (at least, at first). Will you be giving out this number?

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