The Most Terrible Wedding Advice According to Professional Wedding Planners

The Most Terrible Wedding Advice According to Professional Wedding Planners
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Wedding just are not an easy thing to plan. As arguably one of the most important days in a woman's life (and guy's too), you want things to run as smoothly as possible. Unfortunately, more often than not... things are bound to go a little haywire.

Glamour recently sat down with trained professionals who shared tips on the worst wedding planning advice they've ever heard so as to enlighten first-timers on what not to do.

Tip to Avoid: Not hiring a day-of coordinator.

While not everyone can afford the luxury of hiring a wedding planner to be at your beckon call 24/7, you should at the very least invest in a day-of coordinator. "Even if you aren't investing in a full-service planner, a day-of coordinator is the best money you'll spend when it comes to your wedding," according to Teissia Treynet, founder of Firefly Events. This way you don't have to deal with all the tiny, minute details when you're too busy worrying about everything else.

Tip to Avoid: Canceling your videographer if you're running low on your budget.

While most consider the photographer one of the most integral parts of your wedding, the videographer is right up there as second best, if not tied. Treynet explained: "Consider your videographer just as important as your photographer. You will be so full of emotion and adrenaline on the day of your wedding that it will be hard to remember all of the special moments and beautiful speeches, and a videographer can capture them in a way that even a photographer can't."

Tip to Avoid: Assuming your friends and family will help out on the big day.

Sure friends and family are always there to help out as needed, but it's best to treat them as guests and leave the work up to the hired professionals. "No matter how talented, even professionals love to simply be guests at a wedding," said Jackie Martucci, owner of Events by Jackie M. "Make sure delegated tasks are outlined in your contracts. And speaking of contracts, if you do end up hiring a pro who is also a friend, don't skip this step! You should still outline expectations just as you would with any other vendor."

Tip to Avoid: Don't assume some guests won't come and then not budget them.

While it's always hard to predict who will show and who won't, it's important to account for every person on the guest list and budget accordingly. "I hear so many people tell brides to invite whoever they want, because 'they probably won't come anyway,' says Amy Nichols, owner of Amy Nichols Special Events. "But playing a guessing game with your guest list and not being strategic can really cause budgetary issues when the responses begin to arrive."

Tip to Avoid: Not having a 'Rain Plan' aka Plan B.

Easily one of the biggest fears that runs through a brides head, and while no one ever wants to think of it actually happening, it's one you must account for. "We all want perfect weather, especially for outdoor events, but denying the fact that inclement weather is a real possibility is simply irresponsible." Martucci stresses. "We can't control the weather, and it's the one thing we cannot change. So have a contingency plan and be prepared to roll with it!" 

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