White People Are Doing The Most...Again

White People Are Doing The Most...Again
@Craft_Beer via Twitter

White People, some of ya'll are just doing too damned much. If you haven't figured out by now that using Black issues and appropriating the culture to put a dollar in your pocket is a bad idea, then you gon' learn today.

We just got hip to an Instagram post by Ralph Marion where some of your brothers decided to use the #BlackLivesMatter movement to help their beer sales. They are calling their little home-brewed brand #BlackStoutsMatter. Now clearly one has nothing to do with the other (remember, we Negroes like malt liquor) and you can bet your last dollar that if they sell any of that crap, none of the proceeds will be donated to the cause.

Now Ralph, who happens to love craft beer, wasn't feeling their little stunt and neither are we. Be clear. This isn't one of those times where you jump in and say, "This isn't a race issue, it's a beer issue or a marketing issue." He told the good folks over at Mic that "They made a parody of a very serious issue." We second that emotion--and judging by these tweets, we're not alone.

Look. We know that White folks enjoy their privileged lifestyles because of the systematic racism that this country was built on and stills thrives under. We know that legions of cops don't value our lives which is why we are gunned down and incarcerated in epic numbers almost daily. We especially know that even the most liberal of you still couldn't possibly understand why Black folks are angered rather than humored by these bigoted actions. How could you really understand? You don't live this life.

What you need to know, White People, is that every thoughtless, ignorant deplorable act of racism that you commit against Black people exposes who the worst of you really are. It pulls back layer after layer of the deep-seeded hatred that is still buried in the hearts of those who would soon prefer to see us back in chains or on a ship "immigrating" back to Africa.

Now you can make light of it or wallow in denial, but we know that you see it. And because you don't put those haters in check, it is you who has become a bigger part of the race problem in this country than they are. At least your bigoted brothers are honest. Now go put that in a bottle and drink it.

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