Why We Want A Bohemian Wedding

Why We Want A Bohemian Wedding
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To be bohemian or to not be bohemian, that is the question...with a very easy answer, which is: BE BOHEMIAN!

If you're not into boho-chic, you can't sit with us, and you definitely can't marry us. Seriously y'all! A bohemian-inspired wedding is the way to go. If you have any doubts, simply look at the following photos. You won't be able to imagine your wedding any other way.

I don't know if I'm more excited by the man at the end of this aisle, or the aisle itself.

This flower girl is boho-beautiful. 

Satisfy your wanderlust before even embarking on the honeymoon with this decor.

These floral tree decorations are so exquisite that they bring a tear to my eye...

...as are these. 

I wish you and your spouse a wedding more magical than your wildest dreams.

This couple is going to last. They both have stunning taste.

Some people want to get married under the stars. I want to get married under these psychedelic lanterns. 

I think the saying goes that the more colors in your wedding decor, the happier you are as a couple. That's how the saying goes, right?

Simply mesmerizing. 

A bride is only as beautiful as her boho-bouquet. 

Don't forget to add some gypsy to the groom's attire! 

This cake is a couple meant to last forever.

Forget the photos. This bridal season is all about the elegant frame.

But the most important part of a bohemian wedding...

...is the love you and your significant other are there to celebrate. There's nothing more boho-chic than that.

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