Fringe Photo Booth Backdrop (OH JOY! WEDDINGS)

Looking for creative ways to spruce up your wedding photography? Look no further! We found the most creative way to create a beautiful cringe backdrop for a photo booth at your dream wedding!

Fringe Backdrop


foam core (we used 4 3 ft pieces to create a giant heart but you can create any shape you want)

tissue paper (in various colors - we used, pink, light pink, yellow, peach, and mint green)


double sided tape


1:Start by making pre-cut fringe pieces from tissue paper (by folding the tissue paper in half and cut ¾ of the way up). This is a step you’ll want to start in advance especially if you’re making a large backdrop. You can even get your friends to come over to help cut and have a fringe party!

2. Next, cut out foam core into a heart shape (or other shape of your choosing).

3. Start from the bottom of the piece and tape your fringe pieces onto the foam core heart move up while making sure to overlap the fringe.

4. Find a shaded area at your event to set it up. It can either be attached to a wall or against a fence. If you’re outdoors, it can lean against a tree or hedges. Just be sure to have wire or zip ties to help attach it during the party.

5. Finally, snap away! Set up a photobooth station either with an automated photobooth, a polaroid, or with the help of a professional photographer to capture your guests on your special day.

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