How to Make Edible Witch Brooms & Apple Marshmallow Dentures || KIN PARENTS

Healthier Halloween snacks are not always easy to come by! Our Kin Parents Producer Robert Mahar compiled these two silly after school snacks that simple to make and delicious to eat.


Pretzel & Cheese Witches Brooms

1. Peel processed swiss cheese and cut in half with kitchen sheers.

2. Fringe each half.

3. Position pretzel rod over cheese and roll to create the broom bristles.

4. Wrap a chive twice around the upper portion of the cheese. Knot and trim ends.

Apple & Marshmallow Dentures.

1. Slice red apples into wedges.

2. Spread a small amount of peanut butter on each wedge.

3. Line one wedge with mini marshmallows, pressing them into the peanut butter.

4. Place a second wedge on top of the marshmallows, peanut butter side down.

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